Monday, October 30, 2006

Who Am I?

The cherry trees in Zogam (Chin Hills); our land started blooming! Now it seems as if the whole village is flooded with clouds of white and pink. The wind blows and the cherries on the monther's steam are floating down to the ground. All the paths are covered with white and pink and so is the ground.

The freshness of air and the beauty of nature gives life and pleasure to everyone. It is a romantic scence yet a beautiful sight in the small hill-side village of Saipimual in the month of November. Together with the dawn of the day, there came a mother who gave birth to a baby.

This innocent and unnamed little baby didn't realize the paradiamshift and diversity of life. But sooner or later, he will discover the reality of life and what it looks like. But wait!... what an how exciting it is for the growing baby to know the awesome power of the universe.

All the adventures he came across in his life will be written somewhere at the corner of the Cyberspace. Now, this little baby is no other than the author of this weBLOG.

Taang Sianpu
Y2K, December 1999.
Manila, Philippines

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