Tuesday, July 17, 2007

New Website @ www.sianpu.info

I would like to announce to my direct and extended network friends that I may not blog much on multiply but at my personal website. I actually have my site in 1999 with www.sianpu.net for free where I registered at NameDeamon. Howevr, it was like 2 years after I changed my site to another free web host at ZDNet.com, they no longer offer web hosting service. The thing I like about my second website is that they offer free CGI scripts with minimal skill to manage, install and update it.

Another TLD I registered is www.sianpu.com and the same thing went with my domain name that I failed to renew this site after about two years and it is no longer available. Hence, I keep on trying to have my personal website beyond the functionality of blogs and other social networking which I have more control and design, I finally choose to register www.sianpu.info.
I'll probably or (I'm sure) keep this site on without any termination of account.

Having website now a day is very easy and it cost very little unlike the first time I have my own site back in Y2K. Well, it is too much introduction about my new site so, let us jump to the new site at www.sianpu.info
Please don't forget to sign my guest book and have your say.
Thanks for your friendship...

Every end is a new beginning :)

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