Wednesday, February 04, 2009

How to use my camera mobile phone as webcam?

How to use my camera mobile phone as webcam?

With the help of WWIGO (Webcam Whereever I Go) software available free of cost from it's simple to use your camera phone as a webcam.

WIWIGO is a free software that allows you to use your camera mobile phone as a webcam over the bluetooth connection between the mobile phone and the computer. It gives better video quality than any average webcam, is compaitable with all applications that you would generally use your webcam for and if FREE.

All you need is a camera phone with bluetooth, a desktop or laptop with bluetooth and WWIGO s/w on your mobile and computer.

To know more about WWIGO go to about WIWIGO page here :

To see a list of supported camera mobiles that can be used as a web camera with the help of WIWIGO s/w and to download WIWIGO "mobile camera/webcam" software visit this page :

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