Sunday, May 03, 2009

ZOCIA Forum Finally Fixed!

Well, today is a great day after months and days of headaches because of the error found in

It was down for about what? Well, more than 6 months (probably) and I can't believe I've given up with the mess in database conflict after transferring the the server to a new server.

It didn't help any after trying different methods but finally was able to manage to fix. Its worth of trying again. I've learned to see that in life, obstacles, challenges will always be around but NEVER GIVEUP is the key. It makes sense now that even if I've left this project aside, after retouching it sometime later, its OK now!

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moemangsen said...

Thanks for fixing up the ZOCIA Forum. Ya, that's true "Never Give Up" is the key for sucess. Cheers!